The Big One – IIM Ahmedabad

IIM, Ahmedabad

PGPX Students and Faculty at IIM,Ahmedabad assemble to get an intro to The Third Curve.

And finally the big one – IIM, Ahmedabad.  This was made possible thanks to Mr Manish Patel who had stayed with us along with his family at the farm.  A successful businessman from Ahmedabad and one of the prime mentors of Riverside School, Manish had read the book and was convinced that something more needed to be done to take it to the world.

The session was well attended by about 70 members – senior students from the PGPX program and assorted faculty.  The PGPX group consists of managers with over 10 years of experience in the real world and so formed a very discerning audience to present these radical thoughts to.  I had a head start with the PGPX group before the talk as they were the ones that were part of the welcome team. Over lunch I initiated them into the perspective of Energy and Economic growth.  I must say that I was pleasantly surprise at the receptivity.  Initially I had apprehensions from what some friends had told me about IIM Ahmedabad folk and there staunch belief in the existing paradigm.  But all that was put aside and we started a very fruitful presentation.

Despite the attempts of a particular professor who tried his best to hijack the authenticity and depth of my argument, the audience was firmly with me.  And towards the end this ex-Harvard prodigy had to make a hasty retreat out of the hall before he was faced with imminent defeat at the end of the lecture.

With IIM Ahmedabad done I feel a surge of confidence for the immediate future of my book and the chances of acceptance of the paradigm shift from economics to energetics that is swiftly descending on us whether we want to accept it or no.

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