Coonoor Club hears about Peak Oil & End of Growth

Coonoor Club - 22 Feb 2014

Over 70 members assemble before Gala Night celebration to hear The Third Curve concepts.

And finally I got the right opportunity to introduce my home town folks to the flavour of The Third Curve.

Over 70 members of the Coonoor Club attended my talk an hour before the monthly Gala night event.  Mr Suresh, the club entertainment secretary and the founder of the Riverside School where our kids studied, did the introductory speech to my talk.  I was most pleasantly surprised at the turnout and even more with the intent focus with which the audience was following the lecture.  Must say I could not have expected it to go better.

The rest of the evening was obviously splattered with residual discussions on the topic in between the usual revelry 🙂

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