The Third Curve at Think 2013, Goa

Think 2013In a scintillating session moderated by Shoma Chowdhary and with Mr Vikram Mehta, ex Shell India presenting the counter point, The Third Curve – The End of Growth made its mark at the Think 2013 Fest in Goa in Nov 2013.

The audience of over 1000 thinkers made it aptly clear with their applause that my argument based on the lesser known discipline of Energetics that growth is over made a great deal of sense to them.  We set a record by selling 55 books right after the talk.  More important than the number of books sold, was the gushing response to the presentation.  The constant refrain was ‘how come we don’t get to here this from other sources?’.

The other response was a spate of invites to speak at various reputed institutes and forums.

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