3. Peak Oil - Proof & Impacts

Created Sunday 25 March 2018

Peak Oil Denial

Peak Means does not only mean Half Gone! But that is not the most important part of the story. The most amazing thing about Peak Oil is that though half the oil is still left, everything changes because we start descending the Bell Curve of oil availability.

To wake up to the true implications of Peak Oil, it is critical that we focus on each line of the definition (on the opposite page) individually.

Only when we understand these points, individually and cumulatively, will we understand Peak Oil and the crunch that we are in.

Even where the impacts of Peak Oil are glaring and self-evident, the pitch of denial gets shriller.

First of all, let us ask the question: Why is there is so much denial and opposition to Peak Oil even in the face of such concrete and damning data? And even more, why is the sharpest denial coming from people who should be well aware of the exact position of oil reserves and depletion data – such as oil companies, government agencies, energy and resource organizations and the media?

The answer is that if they admit to the reality of Peak Oil, then they are also admitting to the end of Quantitative Financial Growth.
This is like a bullet through the head for the Economic Paradigm that we have been following since the invention of money. The very premise of Classical Economics fails.

Not only does it fail, but at this point there is a huge correction of false asset values that has built up in our account books and is just waiting to be reset. That is what they are all petrified about. By denying Peak Oil, its deniers are simply trying to extend the date of inevitable corrections. Nothing more. The only problem is that the longer we all deny Peak Oil and go on with the business of Exponential Growth as usual, the harder and bigger the financial correction will be.

We witnessed one such correction in the 2008 Financial Collapse. That and that alone made a big difference in the stance of those denying Peak Oil. Yet they refuse to use the term “Peak Oil” and evasively call it just about anything else. They called it a “short-term production constraint” or a “tightening of oil supplies”. But they will not use the term “Peak Oil” because it contains the word “Peak” and using “Peak” innately concedes the understanding of a one-way decline of oil in the future, meaning the End of Growth!

So let us move on to the Proofs for Peak Oil